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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Townsend Homestead, 20 West Main Street, Oyster Bay

Front and reverse of postcard showing Raynham Hall Museum, postmark date 1942.

Postcard ca. 1942 showing the Townsend Homestead at 20 West Main St in Oyster Bay, New York. The original Colonial era main mass had a saltbox form.Successive generations of Townsend family members added towers to the front and side, as well as a substantial addition to the rear. In the 1950's the front of the building was brought back to its ca. 1740 appearance, while retaining Victorian era additions to the rear.

Raynham Hall Museum following the restoration. Note the absence of  the pent roof over the entrance door. This would have been added some time after the "restoration."

Raynham Hall Museum following restoration.

1833 Underhill map.

1914 Map showing "E.N. Townsend Jr."

1922 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

1928 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

1941 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

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