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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Justice Court Building, Glen Cove, New York

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The Justice Court Building at 146 Glen St in Glen Cove, New York, was also once known City Hall and Police Headquarters. Built in 1908, this building replaced a previous building that had served a similar function on the same site since at least the 1890's. The replacement building went through a number of uses, growing and evolving just as Glen Cove did.

The original "Justice Court" building on this site is shown in the June 1893 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map. This building was two stories with a porch built out to the street edge. A one-story "Jail" was located to the rear at this time. The only change by the time of the March 1902 Sanborn map is that the jail to the rear appears to have been replaced and expanded upon with a one-story addition spanning the full width of the back of the building.

1893 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

By the December 1908, the old "Justice Court" was removed and a new "Justice Court Building is shown on the map with the notation "(Being Built)" alongside the former building which had apparently been mvoed to the east. The new building was two-stories tall, clad in brick, and with a one-story extension to the rear titled "Jail".

The old Justice Court building is entirely removed by 1915 while the replacement building from 1908 is left standing. The building to the west at 714 Glen Street was the Women's Exchange at this time. This organization would play an important role in civic and social affairs, thus its close proximity to the Justice Court Building is telling.

1908 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

1947 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

By the August 1925 Sanborn the once "Justice Court Building" was titled "City Hall" with an active "Jail" apparently still in use to the rear. An expansion to the jail appears to have occurred between the 1925 and 1931 Sanborn maps. Finally, by the time of the October 1947 map the building was labeled as "(Old City Hall)", with this apparently having been moved. The Police Headquarters an City Court by this time were located in this building.

Today an exciting project is underway to rehabilitate this historic building and make it home for the North Shore Historical Museum.

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